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Coastal Discoveries Frequently Asked Questions


 What does my child have to bring on the boat?

1.  Apply sunscreen before your child leaves home.

2. Bring lunch and at least 3 beverages every day - water is preferred.  No lunch is required on Friday since we have our on-board barbecue.  

3.  Your child should wear or pack a bathing suit every day and bring a towel. 

4.  Caps and sunglasses are recommended.

5.  We will be reminding your child to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.  Please mention this to him/her and ask that they be compliant.

What are the hours of the Coastal Discoveries program?  Coastal Discoveries starts at 8:30 AM. The boat returns to the dock at 4:00 PM. We are located at the dock on the right side of Tuscan Restaurant.

Do the kids have to wear lifejackets? Kids do not have to wear lifejackets onboard the Island Time due to Coast Guard certified railing heights. When aboard any of our smaller boats--rowing dory, or skiffs--kids are required to wear lifejackets, which we provide.

What is the child to counselor ratio? Coastal Discoveries held aboard the Island Time supplies one crew member for every six children.

What are your crew qualifications? The crew includes a minimum of two adults and two deckhands 16 years old or older, as well as an occasional Counselor in Training (CIT). The captains are Coast Guard licensed, and the crew has basic first aid and CPR training. 

How do I get to be on the crew? We are always interested in new people, and look for those who enjoy fishing, kids and boats and are willing to work hard and get dirty. If this suits you, send us your resume with references.

How do I get to be a CIT? Sometimes, Coastal Discoveries enlists a handful of CITs, who are at least 14 years old. CIT positions allow our experienced campers to gain insight to the responsibilities of a councelor, wile having the same wonderful experience as a camper. CITs are selected in January based on their expressed interest and our observations of their performance while participating in our program. CITs must have attended Coastal Discoveries for at least two years. If you'd like to be considered, let us know.

What do you have onboard for safety equipment? Island Time is U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified annually and has the required number of lifejackets, life-rafts, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment, including an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) and first aid supplies.

Do kids get seasick? We do our part by making every effort to modify the day's activities according to sea conditions and everyone's overall comfort. We ask that kids do their part by getting a good nights sleep, eating a healthy breakfast and following the advice of our crew should they feel queasy. From time to time, kids do get sick, but usually bounce back pretty quickly during the day. If you feel motion sickness medication is necessary, remember that it needs to be taken before stepping aboard, and understand it may make your child drowsy.

What happens if it rains? We plan our days according to wind and sea conditions. We will continue most activities in the rain, and ask that kids dress appropriately, remembering it is usually about ten degrees cooler at sea. If high winds are forecast from unfavorable directions, we will modify the days plans and either remain inside the river or take a bus to such destinations as Odiorne State Park, the Peabody Essex Museum or the New England Aquarium.

What if thunderstorms are forecast? Our captains keep an eye on the weather, track rainstorms and thundershowers on radar, and makes plans to dodge them as best they can.

Do you have a Tax ID number?  Yes - #04-3184329.

I want to sign my child up for more than one week, but do you do the same thing every week? Activities vary from week to week with changes in tides and marine life. After the mackerel leave, bass and bluefish arrive.  Lobster catches vary week to week.  As the weather and water warms swimming activities increase.

What if my child doesn't have a friend to sign up with? Our activities are geared toward teamwork, respect and cooperation, so kids tend to make new friends pretty quickly.

What about sunscreen? Please equip your child with sunscreen, and make sure it is applied before leaving the house as well. We will remind  them several times throughout the day to reapply. ( We ask that you express the importance of sunscreen application to your child).

How long have you been in business? Coastal Discoveries has been in operation since 1988.

Is there a refund if my child cannot finish out his/her week with Coastal Discoveries?  If your child cannot attend a week where you have sent in a deposit and we are able to replace that spot, a full refund of your deposit will be sent to you once (if) the spot is filled when given 4 weeks notice. Otherwise deposits are non-refundable.

If your child just is not ready to participate in our program and has been unable to take orders from our captains or crew, he/she will be spoken to.  If the behavior continues, we will be calling you.  If the problem continues, your child may be asked to leave the program before his/her week is finished.  Bad behavior is not acceptable on a boat for the safety of your child and all the other children participating.  A refund will not be issued under these circumstances.

What if I have more questions? Use contact information below.


Office Address to send mail:

Coastal Discoveries 
20 Columbia Way
Newbury, MA  01951

Tel. 978-462-2017 

Beth's Cell Phone  508-451-0195


Boat Address for Directions:

54R Merrimac St.

Newburyport, MA 01950

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